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Batavia Low-Head Dam Removed – A short distance down-stream of the Main Street Bridge, across the East Fork Little Miami River, a low-head dam was constructed to form a pool of water from which Batavia drew its water supply.

Beckjord Power Station – The Walter C. Beckjord Generating Station was a 1.43-gigawatt (1,433 MW), dual-fuel power generating facility located near New Richmond, Ohio, 22 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio. The plant began operation in 1952 and was decommissioned in 2014

AMELIA: DISSOLUTION & INCOME TAX –  When the Village dissolved, it was absorbed into neighboring Pierce and Batavia Townships; about 65% of the village belongs to Pierce Township and remaining 35% to Batavia Township.The Village Council voted to repeal the income tax during a special meeting held via Zoom, on December 15, 2020.

Cedron Tragedy: Traction Engine Plunges Into Bull Skin Creek – On August 11, 1904 a local newspaper printed this account of a terrible accident that occurred near the edge of Lewis Township, just into Clermont, at the Benton Bridge (Cedron), over the west branch of Bull Skin Creek.


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