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Bethel Historic Article Directory

The following articles appeared in past issues, several years ago, of the Clermont County Historical Society bulletin THE CLERMONT HISTORIAN. The bulletin is published ten times a year and is available free to members of the Society. To read the current articles join the Society.

Burke Park - Captain Orville Burke, Civil War veteran and associate of General U. S. Grant was a native of the village of Bethel, Ohio. He worked for Jesse Grant's tanning business in Bethel.

Civilian Conservation Corps - Forestry or rather reforestation is expected to play a very definite part in the flood and erosion control project now being carried out by the C.C.C. camp at Bethel and in several other counties in Ohio.

The Other Cleveland Ohio - Two railroads; linked the community with neighboring towns and Cincinnati. The Inter-Urban Railway and Transit Co., or the Black Line as it was commonly known, began in downtown Cincinnati and had its Suburban line run down the Ohio Pike to Bethel.

William Eberle Thompson - William Eberle Thompson was born in Bethel on July 6, 1835 and died in Bethel February 19, 1940 at 104 years. He was the oldest practicing physician in the United States.