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Amelia Historic Article Directory

The following articles appeared in past issues, several years ago, of the Clermont County Historical Society bulletin THE CLERMONT HISTORIAN. The bulletin is published ten times a year and is available free to members of the Society. To read the current articles join the Society.

To view historical photographs from Amelia Ohio visit the Amelia Photo Album.

Amelia's Beginnings - Or So The Survey Says - The Amelia of today originally was made up of four surveys done for the Revolutionary War soldiers who obtained the land in exchange for their service in that great conflict, or for their heirs and/or assignees in lieu of money owed to them.

And They Lived In Amelia: Amelia Bodin - In the Amelia United Methodist Cemetery, there is a headstone that might be one of the most important headstones for Amelia...

Thomas Fuller Home - Capt. Thomas, owner of Thomas Art Manufacturing, built his Victorian home on a 27-acre lot at 119 West Main Street, Amelia in 1898. Three-quarters of the house was built of Oak.