Index of Every Historical Newsletter Article

Index of Clermont County Historical Society Newsletter Articles

The Clermont County Historical Society (CCHS) was formed in 1958. In 1960 CCHS started publishing a newsletter concerning the activities of the Society. The newsletter was normally published monthly. Over the years the newsletter took various forms from 2 pages in the early years to 8 pages currently. In the 1970’s articles on Clermont County History were added. To date over 800 articles have appeared. These articles are a valuable reference to the history of Clermont County, Ohio.

.      A list of the articles has been prepared (28 pages) and an index created. Copies of the list &  index can be downloaded below or obtained at no cost- CCHS: Post office Box 14, Batavia, Ohio 45103 or phone 513 753-8672.

The Society has copies of all the articles and will make a copy of an article for $2, includes postage.

June 2022

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