Clermont County Ohio Historical Photographs

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Over the past 50 plus years the Clermont County Hostorical Society has collected and scanned photographs of the county from historical documents, books and newspapers. We hope you enjoy this historical collection of photographs from the county. More detailed descriptions of the photographs are in the historical societies archive. The photo archive has been index to assist in searching this collection of Clermont County, Ohio

Most viewed - Batavia
626 viewsIOOF building on Main Street
625 viewsLog cabin that once stood outside Batavia
625 viewsBatavia Waterworks, Riverside Drive. 1902
624 viewsBatavia Blacksmith shop. Dietz at the anvil.
623 viewsBatavia-Gatchett Motor Company, 465 East Main Street. circa 1975. Later office of the Clermont Sun Publishing Co.
619 viewsD.G. Dustins Hardware Store, 1902
614 viewsClermont County Sheriff
608 viewsBatavia- United Breathren Church at the corner of Fifth and North Street. 1926
605 viewsBatavia "Liers Bench"-Main Street- L to R. C.O. Rice, C.L. Slade, W.L.Grace, W.M.Keen, J.B. Warner, N.B. Dennison, C. Daughery gather to share stories and news. 1957
600 viewsDedication of the Clermont County Airport 1968
599 viewsEarly buidings on Main Street just West of SR132 in 1965. They were razed for a Sohio gas station. First building on left at one time housed Batavia's first saloon operated by Hoerner. The middle house is one of the oldest in Batavia owned by Wilomina Wolfe. The house on the right was owned by Augusta Hulick.
Swift Auto Wash599 viewsSwift Auto Wash, west Main Street, Batavia, Ohio
1/12/2014 Ron Hill photo
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