Clermont County Ohio Historical Photographs

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Over the past 50 plus years the Clermont County Hostorical Society has collected and scanned photographs of the county from historical documents, books and newspapers. We hope you enjoy this historical collection of photographs from the county. More detailed descriptions of the photographs are in the historical societies archive. The photo archive has been index to assist in searching this collection of Clermont County, Ohio

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Thomas-Fuller House804 viewsThomas-Fuller House at 119 West Main Street. Built by Capt. Thomas in 1898. Harvey Fuller became the owner in 1913.
These Pictures were scanned off a Amelia Area Historical Society poster.
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Mosco Tornado Aerial View330 viewsAn aerial view of damage in the Moscow tornado33333
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464 viewsMap of Owensville in 187033333
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600 viewsKrausser Farm Tobacco Barm located West of SR 133 North of Rural 1982-photo by Ron Hill33333
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556 viewsMarket & Main Street store. The second house in felicity was built on this site-pic. 198233333
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922 viewsCincinnati Shoe Factor located on South and Union streets. It was built in the 1860's and closed in 1948. It was subsequently converted to apartments33333
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