Clermont County Ohio Historical Photographs

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Over the past 50 plus years the Clermont County Hostorical Society has collected and scanned photographs of the county from historical documents, books and newspapers. We hope you enjoy this historical collection of photographs from the county. More detailed descriptions of the photographs are in the historical societies archive. The photo archive has been index to assist in searching this collection of Clermont County, Ohio

Top rated - Bethel
887 viewsResidence and office of Dr. William Eberie Thompson. The building was built by his father in 1821-1823.
133 South Main Street. Dr. Thompson lived to be 104 and was still practings medician whne he dies in 1940
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788 viewsStage Coach at Dillman's Roller Mill, circa 1915. North Side of Plane Street and west of West street. Note the rails of the Black Line Railroad at bottom of picture. 55555
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821 viewsPlane Street in Bethel. Date unknown55555
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600 viewsBlaksmith log cabin in Burke Park. It was removed in 2013
Photo by Ron Hill
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883 viewsBethel Baptist Church, S.E. Corner Plane & East streets.44444
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712 viewsShelterhouse at Burke Park. Built by the CCC in the 1930's. The park was obtain with funds from a trust established by Edmund Glem Burke.

Photo by Ron Hill
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974 viewsCincinnati Shoe Factor located on South and Union streets. It was built in the 1860's and closed in 1948. It was subsequently converted to apartments33333
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859 viewsHome in Bethel- date not known33333
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858 viewsHome of Steven Newman, the "world walker." He left Bethel in 1983 to make his solo walk around the world. He returned to Bethel in 1987 to a homecoming parade.
450 North Charity Street
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