Clermont County Ohio Historical Photographs

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Over the past 50 plus years the Clermont County Hostorical Society has collected and scanned photographs of the county from historical documents, books and newspapers. We hope you enjoy this historical collection of photographs from the county. More detailed descriptions of the photographs are in the historical societies archive. The photo archive has been index to assist in searching this collection of Clermont County, Ohio

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Stonelick Covered Bridge picture May 18, 2014284 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge picture May 18, 2014
There has been no visual work done on the bridge in the last two weeks photo by Ron Hill
Stonelick Covered Bridge600 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge across Stonelick Creek, Stonelick Township. winter picture
Stonelick Covered Bridge507 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. A 140 ft. 12 panel Howe Truss built in 1878. Is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Bridge number 35-13-002
Stonelick Covered Bridge412 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. Historical Marker placed
on the bridge during the Bicentennial celebration for Clermont County
Stonelick Covered Bridge554 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge
inside view of Howe Truss
Stonelick Covered Bridge382 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. View of underneath structure
Stonelick Covered Bridge579 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. Crosses Stonelick Creek. Built 1878. Last covered bridge in Clermont County
Cloverlick Covered Bridge499 viewsCloverlick Covered Bridge over Cloverlick Creek on Bethel-Concord Rd. It was a 120 ft. double Burr truss built in 1877. It was removed in 1937.
Tornado damage in Clermont County289 viewsMoscow, Ohio, March 6, 2012 -- FEMA officials assessed tornado damage in Clermont County, Ohio. FEMA is working to provide assistance to residents affected by the tornadoes. Photo by Carolyn Deming/FEMA
Moscow, Ohio, March 6, 2012 Tornado296 viewsMoscow, Ohio, March 6, 2012 -- FEMA assessed tornado damages in Clermont County, Ohio on March 6. FEMA was working to provide assistance to residents who were affected by the tornadoes. Photo by: FEMA/Carolyn Deming
Stonelick Covered Bridge was damaged in 1983536 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge was damaged in 1983 when an over weight waste truck broke through the foor.
1857 Map of Clermont County, Ohio322 viewsMap of Clermont County - 1857 showing townships
Photo from Library of Congress
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