Clermont County Ohio Historical Photographs

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Over the past 50 plus years the Clermont County Hostorical Society has collected and scanned photographs of the county from historical documents, books and newspapers. We hope you enjoy this historical collection of photographs from the county. More detailed descriptions of the photographs are in the historical societies archive. The photo archive has been index to assist in searching this collection of Clermont County, Ohio

Upper cord connection323 viewsClose up of upper cord connection of timbers.
Nov.2, 2014
Photo Ron Hill
Construction of the upper cord349 viewsClose up of construction of the upper cord
Nov.2, 2014
Photo Ron Hill
Stonelick Covered Bridge619 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge across Stonelick Creek, Stonelick Township. winter picture
Stonelick Covered Bridge526 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. A 140 ft. 12 panel Howe Truss built in 1878. Is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Bridge number 35-13-002
Stonelick Covered Bridge572 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge
inside view of Howe Truss
Stonelick Covered Bridge400 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. View of underneath structure
Stonelick Covered Bridge598 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge. Crosses Stonelick Creek. Built 1878. Last covered bridge in Clermont County
Stonelick Covered Bridge was damaged in 1983555 viewsStonelick Covered Bridge was damaged in 1983 when an over weight waste truck broke through the foor.
October Update 1 From The Righter Company339 viewsPhotographs of Stonelick Bridge repairs from the contractor doing the work. This is a PDF file.
October Update 2 From The Righter Company313 viewsPhotographs of Stonelick Bridges repairs from the contractor doing the work. This is a PDF file.
Regarding the Rehabilitation of the Stonelick Williams Corner Covered Bridge 358 viewsCLERMONT COUNTY, OHIO – The Board of Clermont County Commissioners has awarded
the construction contract to The Righter Co. Inc. from Columbus, Ohio. This company has
extensive construction and rehabilitation experience with covered bridges. This PDF File contains information on the bridge contract
It is gone! - 03/09/2014302 viewsAll of the wooden structure has been removed. The cords, and other wooden material worth saving is piled on land and covered with plastic. There are several piles of the metal hardware. The only thing remaining in the creek is the steel I-beams that were installed to support the bridge during rehab.
Photo by Ron Hill 03/09/2014
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